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For all the fun stuff they can hold, the garage can be kind of a dangerous place. There’s power tools, there’s car parts and accessories, there’s chemicals and cleaning supplies, and none of it should really be within reach of curious hands (or paws).


Particularly now that the weather is getting nice again, you’re going to have a lot of people going into and out of the garage to get bikes, sports equipment, and other fun outdoor supplies – people that probably don’t need to be moving heavy shovels or cordless drills, right? Here’s a couple tips for keeping your garage organized and, more importantly, safe:


Lock the doors as often as possible. It’s kind of an inconvenience, but keeping every garage or workshop door locked is the first and most effective way to preventing accidents. Unless you or another trusted grown-up are in there, make sure both the folding garage door and any side doors are locked up tight to stop anyone from wandering in by accident.


Double-check the door opener. Above and beyond simply making sure the garage door can open freely, make sure that the opener and lift-gate is as safe as possible. Make sure the safety sensors have been installed properly (no higher than 6 inches off the floor, generally) and make sure the door switch itself is high enough that little hands can’t reach it.


Organize for safety. Even above and beyond just making everything cleaner, organizing in the garage can be a critical part of keeping everyone safe. For bigger tools like shovels and rakes, garage wall racks can be a good call in keeping them up out of reach. Smaller items like hand tools can be stored on wire shelving to keep them away, and dangerous chemicals should either be locked up or at least kept up high on something durable and corrosion-proof like steel garage shelving to prevent spills and accidents.


Keep freezers locked. If you’re fortunate enough to have space in your garage for a deep freezer, this should be locked up too. A lot of these are big enough for kids to get trapped in if they’re not careful, and the heavy lids can very easily fall down and smash tiny hands if they try to open them on their own.


Finally, remember the toys. Really, the biggest reason your kids will want to get into your garage is to get to their bikes, sports equipment, pool toys, and the like. While they might complain a little, if they’re young enough to get hurt in the garage it means they’re young enough to have all their garage toys kept locked up and safe until a grown-up can go in there and get them down.


Follow these tips and hopefully everyone will have a safer – and more fun – summer!

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