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clear glass coffee table

We can all take the coffee table for granted sometimes. They’ve been in pretty much every house we’ve lived in, and they’re so ubiquitous and easy to find that most people are willing to settle for a cheap one or just find a used one at a thrift store.


However, there’s actually a lot of uses that coffee tables can serve, and as such a lot of people can benefit from taking the time to find just the right one for their needs. If you’re in the market for a new coffee table, or if maybe you’re just looking for an excuse to get rid of the old one you took from your mom’s house the last time you moved, here’s a couple things to consider when shopping for coffee tables:


What are you going to use it for? We know, this question sounds sort of silly at first, but it’s really worth considering when shopping for a coffee table. Are you just getting one because it’s a living room fixture and you’d feel silly not having one, or are you going to actually use it as a place for people to set their drinks and snacks? Will your kids need it to play games on? Do you have any prized coffee table books you’re going to be setting on it? Other than just “being there as a table”, think about what you need in a coffee table and what sort of purpose it’s going to fulfill in your home.


Are you going to decorate it? Much like decorative wall shelves, coffee tables are an excellent way for showing off collectibles, photos, and the like. When deciding what size and material coffee table you need, think about what you’re keeping on it – if you want space enough for both some books and drinks, you might need a bigger coffee table than you were planning on buying.


What material do you need? Most coffee tables are wooden, and with good reason – it’s durable, economic, and fits well in almost any setting. Of course, there’s always other choices – metal and glass are also common coffee table designs, and depending on your space and design needs you might be better off looking into something a little more unconventional. Take a look at the space your table is going to occupy and see what’s going to fit best.


Where, exactly, is it going? This is a good question a lot of people take for granted. Depending on how your home is set up, you might actually need coffee tables for rooms other than the living room – basements, dens, and even offices might all benefit from a coffee table to anchor the space. This will require a few considerations – mobility to get it up and downstairs if need be, the sort of space it’s going to take up, and how durable it might have to be to avoid accidentally getting knocked around when watching the big game or anything.


Are you replacing an old one? Finally, if you’re getting rid of an old coffee table you just don’t need anymore, you’re going to have to solve one, maybe two big problems first – where is the old one going, and how are you getting it there? Maybe now is a good time to ask some friends to come over and help get your old one out to the curb – in exchange for some dinner, of course.

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