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shelving for walls with wood paneling


Once seen as a throwback to the 60s and 70s, wood paneling has begun to see something of a resurgence in modern homes.

When done correctly, wood paneling can add a surprisingly modern touch to any room. By combining a timeless, rustic look with up-to-date panel lines, wood paneling can really enhance the look of any room you use it in. Of course, that begs the question – what do you do with your walls if they’re wood paneled?


For being a neutral color, it can be a bit of a challenge to coordinate the rest of the room with the walls, and that includes any potential shelving. Even the most well-decorated room needs a little storage, and if you’ve recently been taken with the idea of wood paneling, you might not be too sure what shelves to use.

Fear not! We’ve got a few of our favorite ideas right here:


Build into the room

One of the advantages of wood paneling is how it creates a more cohesive atmosphere throughout the room. If your living room or dining room has alcoves, you can take advantage of that by using wall shelving that sits flush inside the alcove to create an ‘unbroken’ look from wall to wall. This will add storage but still maintain the style of the room as a whole.


Match tones

Decorating and adding storage to a wood paneled room isn’t as difficult as you might be worried about. Obviously your instinct will be to use things like wooden wall shelves, wooden storage chests, and coffee tables furnished from wood. Luckily, though, you really don’t need to make sure everything matches the exact same color, as that can be a little overwhelming (and maybe a little too close to grandma’s living room back in the 80s). The advantage of using wood is that everything will be close enough in tone and color to match and create the vibe you’re looking for, even if everything isn’t just the exact same shade.


Keep it light

Of course, you don’t have to use wood for shelving in a room that already has wood paneling. A lot of homes tend to go with lighter shelves that provide an appealing contrast, such as glass wall shelves or open-design metal wall shelves. Designs like these can create a pop of color on the walls that isn’t too distracting or overpowering against the wooden designs of the rest of the room.


Contrasting furniture

Similarly, a lot of living rooms with wood paneling go for living room furniture that stands out against it. Things like wood end tables and glass accent tables can create a more lively look that adds color and texture, which helps prevent the wood paneling from becoming too overpowering.

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