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The term “cloffice” might not mean anything to you just yet, but we promise, it will!

Cloffices are exactly what their name implies: a combination of a closet and an office! Particularly these days, where people are working from home more often than ever, it can be hard to find a space that you can give over to an entire office where you can work comfortably.

And that’s where the cloffice comes in! By taking a small closet space you don’t use as often – be it in the living room, the bedroom, or wherever – you can create a comfortable nook to keep a computer, organize your needed materials, and just get more done than you could at the kitchen table.

You don’t even need that much to get started with a cloffice, just a little imagination – and the room to spare!


Cloffice Design & Organization Ideas

Figure out how much space you have

Nobody ever really enjoys measuring, but it’s a necessary fact of life when it comes to home renovations of every type, especially one as small as a cloffice! Make sure to get exact measurements of every available dimension to ensure you’re buying the right size shelving and home office furniture.


Plan around the sort of work you do

Everyone’s job is different, and the way everyone does their job is different too. Think about the sort of work you do, and what you’ll need to do it, before planning out your cloffice – is it all digital? Do you need to sign a lot of paperwork and documents, thus necessitating some desk organizers or home office file cabinets? Will you need to buy one of those little wi-fi extenders in case you don’t get good wireless reception? These are all questions you’re better off asking now instead of later.


Doorless or door-ed?

This is all going to come down to personal preference, but some people like having a door on their cloffice to put everything away when the workday is done, but some people like removing the door to keep it easier to access and right where you need it. How much stuff you’ve got in there will be a big factor in this, but it could do a lot to spruce up your look – or keep it all sealed away!


Use every surface

The thing about cloffices, as you’ve likely already noticed, is that they tend to not have a lot of usable space. Especially if you’ve already had to take some things out of the closet (like shelves and hanging rods), you might have a hard time figuring out how to add some storage back in there.


Home wall shelves can be an excellent solution for a few problems, here. Hanging them above head level (so you can still sit down comfortably!) will go a long way towards helping create more storage space to keep needed supplies, without cramping the rest of your space. They can even be used to create a built-in desk surface if you don’t have the room for a whole home office desk!

However you set up your cloffice, we think you’ll agree that it’s going to change the way you work from home – even if it’s still kind of a funny word!

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