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Entryways are a strange place sometimes, aren’t they?

They come in a lot of shapes and sizes, and tend to need them for a lot more than just coming into and out of the house. A lot of stuff gets left in entryways, whether on purpose or not, and while it feels nice to throw off your coat and bags as soon as you get home, it all starts creating something of a pile-up.

This has forced a lot of homes to get clever about how they organize their entryways. One of our favorite methods we’ve seen lately is the use of closet shelving kits!


Closet Shelving In The Entryway

Closet shelving and closet organization have the distinct advantage of being designed to organize, well…clothes!

Now think about all the stuff that tends to get left behind in the entryway – jackets, purses, hats and gloves, and so on. All of them perfect to be organized by some good closet storage, and better to make the morning rush that much easier!


It all comes down to what you want to keep on there. Most wire shelving closet kits combine shelves with closet hanging rods, which are perfect for things like jackets and scarves. Grab some hangers, tell everyone to keep their favorite coat up there, and imagine how much easier it will be to leave the house when everyone knows where their stuff is!


This can also help with long-term storage of seasonal stuff, too. A lot of closet kits have shelves on the bottom that can be used for clothes that aren’t needed year-round, such as boots, gloves, and scarves. Instead of tearing through the garage to find everything as soon as a chill sets in, imagine knowing right where your seasonal needs are!

Granted, a lot of these uses and needs will vary depending on the family, and what all you need to grab on your way out the door. But if your entryway tends to get a little cluttered, and your morning routines tend to be a little…frazzled, then why not check in your closet for some organization ideas?

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