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At the end of seemingly every year, everyone rolls out their ideas for what your house is going to look like in 2020.

Some of them are actually cute and usable, some of them are seemingly only destined for expensive studio apartments in Manhattan but are nice to look at, and some of them are just plain silly.

But let’s say you find one that catches your eye. Maybe there’s a newly popular color palette that you’re itching to try out in the kitchen, or maybe you found the perfect way to decorate your bedroom. You get all excited to try it out, until it dawns on you – just what are you going to do with all the stuff you already have in your house before you redecorate?

A lot of interior design plans are, rightly, based more on looks than practicality, and might leave you at a loss for how to better integrate them into your home without a ton of decluttering or displacing of the stuff you already have. That’s why we’ve put this list together! Included here are three of the interior design trends we like best for 2020, as well as some ideas on actually keeping them organized and useful for real-world homes:



We know what you’re thinking – “wait, weren’t we trying to minimize back in 2019”? While that’s true, a lot of interior designers are arguing that there’s a balance that can be struck. You don’t have to get rid of everything you own to make a statement, and if you’re smart about it, you can fill your rooms with more exuberant furniture and looks.

A maximalist approach requires a good degree of visual consistency. If you bring in a lot of living room furniture, for example, you can avoid a cluttered feeling by making sure everything matches color-wise and is arranged in a sensible and comfortable fashion. This approach will require you to use a lot of storage furniture and wall shelves to reduce visual clutter and distractions, but with thoughtful planning and a reduction of visual clutter, you’ll find yourself enjoying a retreat from the Marie Kondo approach.


Neutral colors

At first glance, neutral colors might sound sort of…well, plain. However, a lot of homeowners and decorators are beginning to find the joy in matching contrasting shades and textures – a little off-white here for the tabletops, a little tinted wood for the nearby chairs, some greys or brighter whites splashed throughout the room for color. Even if they’re not the most immediately eye-catching colors available, with a little imagination you can really have some fun with neutral tones.

And fortunately for this approach, there’s plenty of storage that can meet these needs. Stick to warmer brown or natural grain for things like wooden wall shelves and bookcases to help accentuate the looks, or go for a bolder approach with something like white wire shelves to help add a pop of color.


No Couches?

Long a staple of the modern living room, a lot of designers and homeowners have begun eschewing the couch in favor of more vintage and classic seating options. While it may sound strange to everyone who’s gotten used to the silhouette of a couch in their living room or den, this can actually be freeing in many regards.

Skipping the couch in exchange for a few tastefully-located side chairs and chaise lounges can drastically change the ‘weight’ and feeling of your living room layout, as well as offering a lot more space. Replace your couch with a few comfortable individual chairs and you can quickly find yourself adding more practical fixtures like storage benches that can give you a place to sit and a place to keep your remote, as well as giving you more space for things like end tables and coffee tables to help make the room look larger.


However you find yourself decorating your house next year, just keep practicality and usage in mind and you’ll be all set, no matter how outlandish your ideas may be!

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