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Despite the increase in popularity for streaming services, some of us still like hanging onto physical media like DVDs, Blu-rays, and CDs.

Maybe you’re a cinephile who wants to watch the movies that Netflix and Hulu don’t have, maybe you’re a long-time music junkie with a collection that Spotify couldn’t rival, or maybe you just plain old prefer the idea of actually owning a movie you pay for, without living in fear that the streaming services will get rid of it one day.

Whatever your reasons, a lot of people still have Blu-rays and DVDs around, and as we all know, they can start to be a little hard to organize once they start piling up. Sure, we can all turn to our entertainment centers to hold onto our favorites or the stuff we watch most, but what do we do when we run out of space under the TV? Here’s three of our favorite ideas for storing DVDs and CDs around the house while still keeping them accessible:


Use the back of your doors

Even for the most die-hard movie buff, there are still going to be some movies you don’t watch as often as others. For movies you’re not going to get to right away, using the storage on the back of doors such as the hallway closet is a great way to make use of a frequently-overlooked space. Get some over the door storage baskets to arrange your movies neatly, or if you have a huge collection (and a strong enough closet door, of course) you can add some shelves to the back of the door for even greater storage space.


Look for narrow spaces

Anyone who has ever had to hang up shelves or organize a house knows the agony of leaving a narrow space that you just don’t quite know what to do with. If you have DVDs or CDs to put away, this might be the perfect option – get some floating shelves to fill the space between these doorways, and show off your movie collection with pride!


Find a drawer

So these ideas have been great for people with extra space on their doors or walls, but what if these aren’t exactly an option? If you have extra drawer space in your living room, like in your TV console or your end tables, you can use these to better divide your movies and keep them easily accessible. Throw some wire baskets or plastic storage bins in there to help better divide your movies by whatever sorting process makes the most sense to you, and free up space elsewhere!

Hopefully any of you movie buffs or audiophiles out there have gotten inspired to help organize your collections a little better!

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