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When most people think about storage benches, they assume they’re supposed to go in the entryway and nowhere else.

It makes sense—that’s where they’re most commonly seen, and since they’re a great storage option for things like shoes it can be a great solution for foyers and mudrooms. But you may be a little surprised to learn that there’s actually a ton of other places in the home that can be well-served by a storage bench or two to help add comfort and organization wherever it’s needed.

Intrigued? Here’s three rooms we think might be better off with a bench than without:


The Living Room:

  • Instead of an ottoman, set up a storage bench right by the couch or your favorite easy chair, so you can kick your feet up after a long day without having to put your feet on the table.
  • Speaking of, hard-top storage benches are a great replacement coffee table while giving you extra storage space underneath for things like remote controls, books, and the like.
  • By using a storage bench for a TV stand, you can give your TV a stable place to sit that has just as easily-accessed storage underneath without taking up as much space as most entertainment centers do.
  • Place a storage bench opposite the main couch to add extra seating against a wall or window to help seat more guests without needing to take up space with a second couch.


The Kids’ Room:

  • With the low height of most storage benches, younger kids will have an easy time sitting on top of them if they’re trying to use coloring books or play games.
  • For newborns and infants, a storage bench can make an excellent changing table, with plenty of room underneath for storing clean diapers and…other necessities.
  • The space below a storage bench can become perfect storage for books when bedtime rolls around.


The Bathroom

  • Ever find yourself wishing you had somewhere to sit in the bathroom other than the toilet or the edge of the tub? Storage benches are the perfect place to sit and finish your makeup, pedicures, or if you’re really engrossed in an article online and can’t leave until you’re done reading.
  • To help manage closet and cabinet space, storage benches can be a fast and easily-accessed way to organize towels, bathrobes, and other bathroom essentials you might need to reach in a pinch.


Next time you need to reorganize these (or any other) rooms, think about bringing a storage bench in and seeing what it can do for you!

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