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There’s few things that make a home look more modern than glass wall shelves.

The lightness of their design and the way they contribute to a more ‘clean’ ambiance and design is a favorite of a lot of budding interior designers, and they’ve been popping up in more and more homes and apartments that need extra storage space—and an option that isn’t as clunky-looking as the traditional options.

Of course, given as they’re made of glass, they’re bound to suffer the same issues that any glass fixture does, like dust buildup and pesky fingerprints.

If you want to clean your glass shelves and avoid the risk of scratching your glass, check out a few of our safe glass shelf cleaning tips:


Use a glass cleaner

First and foremost, you’ll want to use an actual glass cleaning product. Trying to dry-dust will just increase your chances of scratching the glass, and won’t actually do that good of a job picking up the dust and prints anyway. Don’t worry about getting anything too fancy and expensive, just make sure it clears glass and doesn’t leave streaks.


Clear the shelves off

This might be a pain depending on how much stuff you have on your shelves, but trying to wipe them down without removing the various framed photos, souvenirs, etc that you have on there will just leave more places for dust to accumulate and will undo all your hard work. Get a cardboard box to keep everything in for the time being and make sure you clean with a clean slate.


Use the right cleaning cloth

It might sound like nitpicking, but those of you reading this who have ever tried to clean a smudge off your glasses with the wrong kind of cloth know the struggle all too well. Find something soft that won’t leave small scratches and will properly absorb the cleaner, like microfiber. Otherwise, try to use a coffee filter or an old newspaper to avoid damaging the glass itself.


Clean the brackets last

While you’re at it, you might want to wipe down the wall shelf brackets holding the shelves up too—but make sure to do this after the shelf itself is clean, otherwise you’re liable to make them messy again just in the process of cleaning the shelf it’s holding up.

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