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Before we get started, let’s get something totally clear. When we say ladder shelves, we’re not actually talking about ladders with shelves on them. We’re talking about these:


You can see where the name comes from, right? Small shelves, arranged vertically, designed to provide tiered storage and shelving wherever you need it.

They fit well in a variety of settings and come in a number of different colors, styles, and designs to make sure they work in any room you put them in and store anything you need them to store. But where exactly can they go, and what can you use them for? Glad you asked!

Living Room Storage: One of the most common uses for ladder style shelves is to add some shelving and storage to a living room. If you’re hard up for usable wall space, don’t want to mount shelves directly to the wall, or just don’t have a lot of space left on the floor, our white ladder shelves are the perfect solution. Slide these against the wall beside the TV or in between your couch and easy chair and use them as bookshelves, to display photos, or whatever else you want to show off in your living room.

Bathroom Storage: In a similar vein, ladder shelves are a frequent sight in bathrooms where much of the floor space is already taken up by cabinets and bathroom installations but things still need to be organized. Place one of these between the toilet and the wall, or against the wall next to the shower, and get yourself a stylish and easy way to access clean towels, new soap, and other bathroom necessities.

Home Office: Ladder shelving makes a great replacement for the standard home office desk, particularly in areas where space is at a premium. Use the top two shelves as bookshelves or paperwork storage, keep your laptop on the fold-out desk part, and you’re ready to get to work! (And don’t be afraid to think outside the home office with these, too – these can work very well as a work surface in the corner of a bedroom or kitchen as well.)

Kitchens: We all know how messy the kitchen can get sometimes, and while there’s a lot of solutions for this, ladder shelves can come in very handy for certain storage and organization needs. Our white ladder style bar unit can be an excellent addition to your kitchen workspace, and the cubbies below can serve as the perfect wine rack for anything you drink, cook with, or both. Use the top shelf to store other liquors, ingredients and dressings, or even just keep it around as a place to keep a cutting board so you can prepare food out of the way of the rest of your cabinetry.

These are just a few of the ways that ladder shelves can be used around the home – all you really need is a few feet of floor space, a little imagination, and some stuff you need organized! Got any suggestions, or maybe you just want to show off how you use ladder shelves? Leave a comment below!

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