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A lot of people see our heavy duty shelving and think “wow, that looks handy, but I don’t know where I’d even use it”.

This is understandable – it’s not as obviously decorative as some of our other shelves, and people initially think it belongs in a warehouse due to its ‘industrial’ look and design.

But there’s actually a lot of ways this sort of shelving can be practical around the house! Everyone needs heavy shelves for the big tough jobs every now and again, and there’s some places that just need a little more organizational help than others.

Want to learn more about what heavy duty shelves can do for you? Here’s a list of a few common ways to use them around your home:


Tidy up the garage
One of the more obvious and common ways to use these shelves is out in the garage. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a heated, insulated live-in garage, so when you have big garage stuff that needs organizing, heavy duty shelves are an easy and effective way to get things organized. The metal construction means it can support even your heaviest tools or car parts all while withstanding the weather (especially if you live in a place where the winters last forever, like they seem to do up here in Michigan). And you’ll be grateful to never have to dig around for the right-sized wrench ever again!


Storing important paperwork
Heavy duty shelving tends to find itself used as long-term document storage in workplaces, and there’s no reason why you can’t try that at home, too! If you’re the sort that hangs onto tax paperwork forever (not that this is a bad thing) or you have a lot of documents you need to keep around for things like your mortgage or even an at-home business, heavy duty shelves are a good way to store all those heavy document boxes that wind up taking up space all over the house.


Organizing cleaning supplies
There’s a bit of an irony to having to clean up your cleaning supplies, but a lot of that stuff needs to be kept somewhere safe! Soaps, dishwasher liquids, laundry detergents, and even some of the harder stuff like bleach needs to be stored somewhere safe that can be easily cleaned (and not totally ruined) if a spill or accident happens – somewhere like heavy duty shelves!


Extra food/household supply storage
These days, a lot of people are shopping at places like Costco or Sam’s Club to buy in bulk. And while this makes good economic sense, the reality of it all sets in when you get home and you realize you have nowhere to put those 48 rolls of paper towels, or that 12 pounds of breakfast cereal you just bought. Heavy duty shelves set up somewhere dry and temperature-controlled are a great way to store bulk goods out of the way of everything else you have to keep in the kitchen – and this way you’ll remember exactly where those seventy bottles of Gatorade wound up!

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