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freedomrail kitchen shelves


Everyone has their own unique kitchen storage tricks and ideas, but one of our favorites is re-using shelves that were originally meant for another room.

As handy as home kitchen storage can be, every kitchen is different, and sometimes you need to get creative with the way you organize the things in your kitchen. From the smallest favorite coffee mug, to the largest Dutch ovens, Instant Pots, and air fryers, kitchen supplies tend to take up a lot of space, and getting it all put away takes a little imagination.

Sometimes that includes re-using shelves from other rooms! Take, for example, our freedomRail closet storage. These shelves have been a staple of closets of any size for years, but recently they’ve become quite handy in other rooms as well.

If you need a new idea for kitchen organization, this might just provide a little inspiration:


Repurposed Kitchen Shelving Ideas


Turn the Closet Rod into Pan Storage

Hanging closet rods can hang more than just clothes! If you have a space on the walls or ceiling where a rod can stretch between both spaces, this rod can turn into the ideal way to store larger pots and pans. Use j-hooks of an appropriate size to hang each of them from their handle in a place where you won’t easily lose them, and they won’t take up precious space in your cabinets! (Just be careful not to bonk your head on them as you walk by!)


Store Small Utensils in Jewelry Boxes

freedomRail jewelry boxes have long been a staple of closet designs, but they can organize more than just rings and necklaces! By using a jewelry organizer inside your silverware drawer, you can help further organize things like butter knives and serving spoons to free up space for bigger spatulas and the like.


Wire baskets for pantry storage

The last time you opened your pantry, did you find yourself suddenly overwhelmed by small items like sauce packets, canned goods, or even those boxes of healthy granola bars you never finished? A lot of freedomRail accessories include wire baskets that you could use as pantry organizers to keep everything organized without accidentally losing any of your kids’ favorite fruit snacks!

Whether you’re using the full freedomRail system to organize your kitchen, or you just need a few of the accessories, shop The Shelving Store for all your freedomRail/Organized Living accessories!

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