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The humble bedroom nightstand can serve many a need, but a lot of bedrooms these days are choosing to pass it up!

Maybe they think they don’t have enough space, maybe they can’t find one that matches their decor, maybe they just don’t think it’s that helpful. While we understand the desire to make your home look a little more modern, we think there’s still a place for a nightstand in any bedroom – you just need to find the right one!


Modern Bedroom Nightstands


When people think about ‘modern’ home decor, they tend to think of something a little more…unnatural looking. Most home nightstands tend to be made out of wood, which to certain tastes might feel a bit old-fashioned, but it would be a shame to avoid all that extra bedroom organization just because it doesn’t match your current styles.

In that case, why not think outside the box a bit? Plenty of tables can still serve the same function as a nightstand without having to look like the one your parents gave you when you went to college all those years ago.


For example, a lot of people repurpose some living room side tables to get the look they want. Modern side tables and sofa tables are made out of a variety of different materials and colors, including glass, translucent plastic, or even burnished metal in some cases, allowing you to better coordinate with the sleeker, more modern design of your home.


Better yet, a lot of their designs still allow you to store things the same way you would on a nightstand! Now, in a lot of cases, the sleeker side tables tend not to have drawers or storage underneath so you can’t organize quite as much as you would normally, but it’s still a great place to store your phone, glasses, and reading materials at the end of the night. (The rest might just have to go in your closet jewelry box until you need them.)

So the next time you find yourself wondering if you really need a nightstand…maybe you just need the RIGHT nightstand?

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