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glass shelves for iridescent home decor


The iridescent look is big right now, perhaps to the surprise of some.

“Iridescent”, in this case, refers to anything that can reflect light or add a more “glassy” look to your home. Think of it as a more subtle throwback to 90s nostalgia – instead of plastering holograms and color-changing patches all over everything like we used to have on our sneakers and school binders, we’re now using it to add a bit more rainbow-like touch to our homes.

The trick with iridescent decor is that you need the right sort of material. For true iridescence, you need the light to hit it the right way and create a fun reflection or prismatic image against the wall – and that’s where glass comes in!

A lot of iridescent design stems from glass reflecting light in just the right way, whether by design or simply by the light hitting it in the right way. As a result, a lot of homes looking to get into the iridescent look are turning to glass wall shelves to help accent their existing decor!


Iridescent Decor with Glass Wall Shelves


Glass wall shelves are the perfect way to add a little color to any room that tends to get a lot of sunlight. A few of our favorite ways we’ve seen lately include:

  • Kitchen backsplashes: with the right glossy material for your kitchen backsplash such as title or mirrors, the light will hit your glass shelves and add a pop of color. This goes double if you use your backsplash for glass plates or drinking glasses!
  • Bathroom shelving: Similarly, a bathroom with a lot of tile and/or mirrors can benefit from some glass shelving – with glass shelves, everything will reflect better and look a little nicer with the fancy iridescent shower curtain you’re probably looking at.
  • Floating shelving: Just popping some glass shelves throughout the house can both go great with your iridescent decor, and can help you add a little more storage! The trick is to keep it light – try to focus on not overburdening your shelves, and anything that does go up there should play into the look, like lighter picture frames or glass decorations.

These are just a few examples, but you might just find your home really pops with them! Try it out and see if you like the color it adds!

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