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Sometimes, when decorating a house, it can be nice to have a little greenery, isn’t it?

Particularly during the winter months (which seem to last longer and longer every year…), a little splash of natural color can really do a lot to brighten things up. The warmth and greenery of houseplants is a driving force behind their popularity during the winter months, but a lot of potential plant-parents leap right into their first few grows without asking themselves one important question – where the heck are they going to go?

 While making room for plants can be a bit of a challenge in anyone’s house, there’s one solution that has grown in popularity over the last year that might make the whole process a bit easier: creating a plant wall!

By lining a wall with your favorite house plants, you can instantly brighten the mood of any room, while not taking up a ton of space on your end tables and coffee tables that you might need for, well, everything else in your house.


Creating a Plant Wall in Your Living Room


There’s honestly not much to it! The first step, and likely the most important (at least where plant welfare is concerned) is to find the spot where they’ll get the most sun. Chances are, this will be any wall directly across from the biggest window you have, although it is important to note that east-facing light isn’t as potent or direct as west-facing light. While everyone’s living room is different, maximizing your sunlight will help keep your plants safer and healthier for longer.


From there, you need to start placing your wall shelves. The best place to start is by getting something of an idea of how much space your plants are going to be taking up. Check what size your pots are, and then try to get an idea of how big your plants will grow (on average) to know how far apart everything should be.

These measurements should influence what kind of wall shelves you pick out as well. Depending on what kind of material you use, we suggest sticking with shelves at least 8” deep to accommodate various sizes of plants and pottery. Wall mounted wire shelving is one of the better options for plant walls, since the material is going to handle the moisture and cleaning associated with plants better, but if you’re a little more focused on aesthetics, glass wall shelves or wooden wall shelves can be a viable option as well.


At this point, all you need to do is pick the right plants! You might want to stick with something that requires a little less maintenance and light, depending on what sort of weather conditions you usually face this time of year, but otherwise the only limit is your imagination!

Well…that, and how much room you have left on your walls, of course.

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