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bathroom wall shelf


Bathrooms are strange places sometimes, aren’t they?

It seems like no matter how much work you put into them, you’re always running out of space. There’s a million soaps under the sink you forgot about, there’s too many towels in the closet, and now you’re not sure where to keep your absolute favorite new organic hand lotion.

One common solution we’ve seen for this problem lately is pretty simple: the use of wall shelves and floating shelves!


Wall Shelves & Floating Shelves for the Bathroom

Wall shelves have become a perfect solution for many a cramped bathroom, particularly for people that need quick access to things, or anyone with mobility problems that might not be able to use cabinets and closets as effectively.

By mounting wall shelves in select areas throughout the bathroom, you can add storage that’s both useful and aesthetically pleasing, which normally isn’t a term people associate with bathrooms! A few of our favorite examples include:


Bathroom Backsplash

By mounting some floating shelves up over the sink (where the mirror would normally go), you can create both storage space and extra countertop space for things like razors and toothbrushes. Use a small mirror between shelves to make up for the lack of mirror space, and then line the rest of your shelves with whatever you need to get ready in the morning!


Above the Toilet

If your bathroom is too small or crowded for over the toilet storage, using wall shelves on the space to the side or directly above your toilet is a great way to store the, er, essentials in a way that’s close at hand.


Alongside the Cabinets

Wall shelves are a great way to expand your cabinet space without needing to embark on a giant renovation project. Line your shelves up on the outside wall of each cabinet for overflow storage, or to store the things you need more frequently than whatever’s kept on the inside.


Replacement countertop

For a lot of bathrooms with a floating sink or standalone pedestal sink, there’s a lot of unused real estate right in the area where the countertop would go. Mount some wall shelves parallel to the sink on each side, and use them just like you would a countertop! (For bonus storage, mount some other shelves closer to the floor to serve as the inside of a cabinet!)


When choosing bathroom shelves, it’s important to keep in mind the typically humid conditions a bathroom will experience, so be careful to pick the right material – glass shelves and metal wall shelves are typically the safest choices, although many wooden wall shelves are treated well enough to withstand whatever conditions they may encounter.

With a little imagination (and some careful planning), you can add more storage to your bathroom than you expected!

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