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vertical kitchen storage ideas


The fun thing about kitchens is just how flexible they can be.

We admit this may depend heavily on your idea of “fun”, but the modern kitchen has learned to adapt to the needs of its owner, and not the other way around as has been the case with kitchens in the past. Modern kitchen design allows for greater flexibility in how, where, and why you store the various goods you need in your kitchen, in order to better maximize your available space.

One of the most popular ways modern kitchens have looked to in order to stay organized is through vertical storage! By using the empty wall space and floor space in your kitchen to create storage that stacks upwards, you can more easily organize the numerous things that need to stay in your kitchen, without taking away from what little countertop space or cabinet space you may have remaining.


Vertical Storage for Kitchens


Vertical storage can take a number of different forms, and serve a number of different purposes depending on what you need to organize and where it needs to go!


  • Wall shelves: One of the fastest ways to increase storage in a kitchen is to look at the empty spaces on your kitchen walls and use wall shelves! By adding wall shelves to create open cabinets, you can create extra storage for plates, cookware, or even food that you don’t have space for in the pantry.
  • Plate rails: Speaking of wall shelves, you can use very thin floating shelves to create what’s known as “plate rails”. Plate rails are thin shelves used for the purpose of organizing dishes where there’s no more room in the pantry – place one as close to the sink as possible to make cleaning and organizing even easier!
  • Corner shelving: The corners of any room are usually a prime opportunity to add some storage, and kitchens are no exception. By using either corner wire shelving with multiple levels (to increase verticality), or corner wall shelves hung at eye-level, you can create extra storage in a space that’s usually pretty hard to work with.
  • Stacked pantry shelving: Pantries are wonderful when they’re organized, but you can find yourself running out of space pretty quickly. By using pantry organizers to create different tiers of shelving inside your pantries or cabinets, you can use the vertical space between shelves more effectively and find yourself with a better organized pantry.


These are just a few ideas to get started with, but the next time you feel like your kitchen is running out of space – just look up!

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