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holiday decluttering


No matter what form your holidays took this year, it always feels like there’s so much to clean up once the celebrations are over, right?

Decorations need to come down, wrapping paper needs to be thrown out, the unused cards need to be put away for next year – the list can feel endless. However, the time spent cleaning up once the holidays are over and everyone is back to work can be a perfect opportunity to declutter around the house!

“Decluttering” always sounds like a big task to many people, but it’s most easily undertaken while you’re already tidying up, so this could be the perfect excuse to get started on some extra organizing while you’re at it! Curious about where to start? We’re glad you asked:


Decluttering After The Holidays


Clear out that pantry

One of the first places that tends to get cluttered up during the holidays is your pantry and/or fridge. Leftovers get brought home, ingredients get purchased but never used, and everyone just tends to over-shop during the winter months.

If this sounds familiar, start with your pantry. Take out everything you bought but didn’t, or won’t likely, eat, and if it’s still fresh try to find a local food bank to donate to. Everything else should be rearranged using pantry storage to make it as easy to access as possible, without a lot of clutter or overhang!


Say goodbye to last year’s – or this year’s – gifts

It might not be the easiest thing in the world to admit, but sometimes a gift you get just…isn’t what you were hoping for. Maybe it doesn’t fit, maybe the color doesn’t work on you, maybe it’s just not quite your style.

Whatever the case, now might be a good time to donate it. Find a shelter or thrift store that will take it, throw it online for sale on Poshmark or eBay, or just regift it to someone that will actually use it. (And don’t worry, if anyone asks what you did with it, it’ll be our little secret!)


Sort your unused winter clothing

Speaking of, this is a good time to review your cold-weather wardrobe to see what you’ve actually worn lately, and what could go.

Coats, sweaters, scarves, that glove you can only find the one of – all viable candidates for donation or resale. Take stock of your closet storage and coat hooks to see what can be done away with, and take the opportunity to reorganize everything you keep while you’re at it!


Ask the kids what they still play with

As we all remember from being a kid, the best part of the holidays was waking up to that mountain of toys under the tree. This does mean, however, that there’s probably a mountain of old toys no longer being played with as a result! Get with your kids to see what no longer gets played with, and send it along to some kid that might need it a little more.


Cut down on your holiday trappings

Maybe you have a few ornaments or decorations that didn’t quite make it out of the garage this year. If this sounds familiar, take a look at your holiday decorations and see what you’re not going to be putting up next year (or any year) and find a new home for them. The rest can be kept in plastic storage bins (hopefully with labels), out of the way until next year rolls around.

After taking a few of these steps, you might just find your home in a better spot to start the new year!

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