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Even now, as certain states start relaxing their stay-at-home orders (with mixed results), many of us are still in quarantine trying to make the most of what we have.

Grocery shopping is still a limited prospect for many of us, from the restrictions placed on shoppers to the fact that many of us need to limit our time spent out in public to avoid passing potential infections back to our homes or families. This had led to an uptick in bulk purchases, as people seek to buy the goods they always need in greater quantities to avoid needing to go back to the store so quickly.

Or so the thinking goes, at least, but in many cases this tends to not be as helpful as you’d expect. Bulk shopping can result in things spoiling before they can be used, or worse yet not being needed at all, as families tend to overestimate the things they need and underestimate what they don’t.

If you’re still trying to avoid too many trips to the grocery store during the pandemic and want to know what you should be looking for, here’s a few of our suggestions for foods to stock up on during quarantine (and how to store them):



We’ve all been told at various points that eating fruit is the best way to stay healthy, but we also know what a pain it is to try and keep fruit around. If you’re buying fruit in bulk, a few of the better ways to get your daily recommended dose include:

  • Frozen fruit, which can be easily stashed in the freezer or deep freezer, and actually contains just as many nutrients as the fresh stuff
  • Fresh fruit, which should be stored somewhere room temperature and away from direct sunlight
  • Dried fruit, which can go straight in the pantry


Oats and cereal

An easy way to make a quick breakfast that won’t expire nearly as fast as other staples like eggs, oats, cereals, and grains can be a good solution for bulk storage. Try to keep them indoors, or out on rust proof shelves in a finished garage or basement where they’ll avoid soaking up moisture.


Pantry proteins

Protein is a centerpiece of any diet, but the problem is a lot of common staples like steaks, eggs, and tofu for the vegetarians tend to need refrigeration and may not have the longest expiration dates. This is where pantry proteins come in – things like peanut butter, protein bars, canned fish and jerky can be easily stored at room temperature for much longer. Use pantry organizers to help keep these items stored away without a ton of clutter.



Beans can serve as both the centerpiece of a meal, a delicious side dish, and an important ingredient in many recipes (don’t knock homemade black bean burgers until you’ve tried them) which can be stored easily. Even if you’re not the type for home canning, try to find a large enough container to store large amounts of various beans – lentil, chickpea, garbanzo – until you’ve used them all for whatever various meals you’ve treated your family to.


With these staples at hand – as well as a few inedibles like toilet paper – you should be able to get through whatever the rest of the quarantine can throw at you!

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