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Anyone with a deck or a porch may have looked out at the space underneath and at one point thought to themselves “I sure wish I could figure out what to do with all that room”.

One of our favorite uses for the space under your porch is for storage! Even outdoors, the unused area under your deck can become an easy place to store a number of items that you just might not have room for in your house or garage.

Here’s a few ideas we’ve come across for what you can store underneath your deck or porch, and how you can get it all organized:


Keep garden tools close at hand: One of the best ways to use the space under your deck is for storage of garden tools. Keep your spades, rakes, and shears underneath your deck so you don’t have to travel far to get them when the time comes to take care of your garden. This can be a great way to prevent having to set up a separate shed or tool barn further out in your yard!


Add a hatch for access: For a lot of us, the space under the deck is home to pipes, utilities, or drains that need to run under your porch on their way out of your house. Whatever you choose to store down there, remember to add a hatch for easy access just in case the plumber or cable guy has to get down there and fix something.


Use weatherproof material: No matter how mild the weather out by you might be, you’ll need to remember that everything being stored under the deck will be exposed to the elements. Store your goods on rust-proof home wire shelves (specifically rust proof shelves for maximum safety) or heavy duty metal shelves (like you’d use out in the garage) to keep everything free from damage or corrosion.


Look on the walls: Similarly, if your deck sits up higher on lattice work or slat walls, you can use this space for further organization. Use strong wall hooks to hang garden tools, pool supplies, and other goods that might be a little too long to be stored on a table or in a bin. (Just make sure your walls can support the weight!)


Hang from the ceiling: If your deck can support the weight from above, you could build ceiling mounts to store home storage bins and hang everything safely over your head. Use these to store larger outdoor goods and keep them close at hand without taking up floor or wall space.


Grow a little: If your deck is known for letting light in, you can turn it into a small out-of-the-way garden. Set up some planters for plants that need occasional watering and let the natural light flow right into your new secret garden!

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