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bookshelves in the dining room


Despite the specific focus of their name, bookshelves are actually pretty versatile storage options.

Their design and nature make them handy for a number of rooms that need additional storage, with dining rooms being a frequent target for storage in recent years.


Similar to the kitchen, dining rooms tend to have a lot of smaller but necessary items that need to be stored. Dining rooms wind up being the home for a lot of plates, serving trays, and even utensils in some cases (likely to try and save room in the kitchen, ironically enough) and while it can be hard to try and fit extra storage in there, bookshelves can be just the thing in a lot of cases.

With bookcases in the dining room, the idea is to use them to support the storage you might already have in there. Many kitchens, for example, already have buffet tables for storage of plates and serving utensils, so you can slide a smaller bookshelf right next to it to help organize things like drinking glasses and larger serving bowls or dishes.


Bookcases can be handy for smaller items, too. Since a lot of space in dining rooms tends to be taken up by smaller (but still needed) items like napkins and silverware, you can line the shelves of your bookcase with smaller storage bins, shelf baskets, or even pantry organizers to help reduce clutter. Imagine how much easier it will be the next time you need to grab some extra forks and you already know right where they are!


Of course, bookcases can take up a lot of floor space, and we know that can be hard to come by in most dining rooms. If that’s an issue you’re encountering, wooden wall shelves can achieve a pretty similar effect. Place a few wall shelves on a bare section of wall low enough that it can be easily accessed, and stack up a few plates or bowls on it. Your dishes will be right where you need them, and it can help save a ton of space elsewhere!


Really, when it comes to using bookcases in your dining room, the trick is to be creative. Whether you’re using them for a new way to store your favorite heirloom bowls, or just a way to keep plates where you can get to them more easily, you’ll be thankful you gave it a shot.

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