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organize your bedroom

Bedroom design is a big thing these days!

There’s all kinds of studies on what kind of things you should add to a bedroom to help you sleep better and get more relaxed at night when it’s time to turn in, and while having extra bedroom furniture or bedroom storage is never a bad thing, it may surprise you to learn that there’s some stuff you actually might not want in your bedroom.

Whether it’s just taking up space or is actively reducing your ability to wind down and get comfortable for the night, there’s a few things you’ve probably already been keeping in your bedroom that might be better off somewhere else. If you’ve got any of these five things in your room, here’s why we think you might want to reconsider that space:


Home office/desk area

To keep things clear, we absolutely think having a home office is a good call for nearly any working adult, to help keep things organized and stay productive. However, keeping it inside your bedroom may actually cause further stress; as a visual reminder of things like bills and work, seeing your desk can get your mind racing and make you too stressed out when you should be doing the opposite before bed. The next time you pick up any home office desks or home office furniture, make sure you make your home office in another room, like the living room or guest bedroom instead.


Unpaired socks

We’ve all been there – the tragedy of one sock emerging alone from a trip to the laundry without its partner. And while it’s normal to hold onto them for a week or so just in case the other sock pops up, keeping them any longer than that is just going to create clutter and keep your room busier-looking than it needs to be. If your bedroom dressers are being taken over by lonely socks, don’t let them linger too long and take space away from something you can actually wear.


Books you’ve finished

Nighttime reading is a pleasure many of us indulge in, and while keeping your current read on your nightstand is the way to go for anything you’re actually in the act of reading, it’s too easy to fall into the trap of letting your old, completed books pile up around it. Keep any books you’ve finished (and actually want to keep) on bookshelves out in the living room to serve as conversation pieces and cut down on bedroom clutter.


Clothes you don’t wear

Whether they’re off-season, out of style, the wrong size, or just not something you’ve reached for in a long time, clothes are a leading culprit of bedroom clutter. Take a look through your closet and dresser to identify stuff you haven’t worn in forever that may just be taking space away from the stuff you need, and then get ready to donate it. (Going forward you may want to look into some closet organizers to help keep everything a little tidier, even before you start going donation-crazy.)


Visual clutter

This one is going to be a little more play-by-ear, but it’s worth looking into (pun not intended). Studies have shown that too much visual stimulation and clutter in an area can actually increase stress levels in your brain and can keep you up at night when you’re trying to sleep. Take a look around your bedroom and see if there’s a lot of junk that can be done away with. Old technology, watches you don’t wear anymore, mostly-used candles, that pile of books we already talked about – if it’s not immediately helping you fall asleep, maybe it doesn’t need to be there.

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