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For all the hubbub about having a ‘man cave’ in your house, sometimes it’s just not an option.

Maybe you don’t have the right basement for it, maybe you’re too pressed for space elsewhere, maybe you just don’t have the need for a full-time space like that. But when football season starts to roll around again, you may find yourself being the host for an occasional game day party, and that means you’ll need somewhere to host the game!

Even without the benefit of having a designated bar or man cave in your house, there’s plenty of ways to turn a living room or den into the perfect place to host a game day party without a ton of space:


Extra seating: The first step is to make sure everyone has a place to sit where they can still see the TV. Sure, your new wrap-around sectional might work for the first few guests, but you’ll need to arrange some seating in a way that still lets everyone see the TV. Line up some extra recliners or kitchen table chairs around (or behind, so long as their view isn’t obstructed) the couch as needed to provide an unobstructed view of the game and give everyone a place to sit and relax.


Drink storage: One of the benefits of having a home bar or a man cave is the ability to give everyone a space to set down their drinks and snacks – the space you might not have right away in your living room! Grab some end tables from another room (or some nightstands from upstairs) and place them at strategic points around the chairs (or near the coffee table) to give everyone’s drinks a home.


Mobile refreshment: If you’re the host- or hostess-type, you’ve probably got a whole menu of appetizers and snacks picked out for your big game day party. Instead of awkwardly carrying in a bunch of plates and trays, grab some kitchen carts or rolling wire carts to help you move stuff into the living room more easily. These can double as a place to keep drinks within reach and serve as low-profile tables as needed!


Use the walls: Wall storage can come in pretty handy when you have a lot of company over. Use low-set wall shelves to give your guests an extra spot to set their drinks and some coat hooks so everyone has a place to keep their jackets when they get here. If you’re really looking to expand your seating arrangements, slide in some entryway benches along the walls to boost your seat capacity and give everyone a good view of the game.


Make sure nobody is obstructed: Speaking of, that might be one of the most important rules for hosting a game day party. You’re all here to watch the game, right? Make sure all your chairs are arranged in a way that isn’t obstructed by your other furniture and keeps everyone comfortable in case it goes into overtime.

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