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Any big decluttering project can be a source of stress, but it doesn’t need to be this way!

One of the biggest headaches in decluttering is knowing where to start. Even if your house doesn’t seem too messy right out of the gate, the various smaller tasks and chores can all start to add up and may seem overwhelming if you don’t have a plan.

Part of making a decluttering plan includes making a list of everything you should be cleaning and how you want to clean it. While this can be a tough enough decision to make on its own, we’ve got an idea that could make the whole process easier – starting with the basement!


The basement tends to be one of the areas in anyone’s home most in need of decluttering. Basements (especially ones without a living space or a hangout space) tend to be where stuff gets put away when you’re not sure where else to put it. Think about the last time you looked in your basement – how many bags of old clothes and boxes of holiday decorations did you have to clear out of the way to get to what you actually wanted down there?

Once all of that stuff is cleared out, however, you’ll find your entire basement is much easier to use – and can become a home for things elsewhere in the house that you might actually use again, instead of those lawn darts your parents have owned since the 70s. This can make the entire process of decluttering easier overall, and may make your home easier to organize going forward.


So you’ve got a messy basement and the urge to take care of it – where do you start? Our suggestion is to start with the same first step we’d suggest for any big decluttering project: the old purge. Set some time aside (and really budget yourself a lot of time – basements can have a lot more stuff in them than you’d think, and spending an afternoon sifting through everything is still productive time well spent) and go through your basement to determine what you need to get rid of, and what should go where.

From there, it’s a simpler task than you may expect. Once you’ve donated or thrown out everything you’re planning to get rid of, you’ll want to expand your basement storage options to ensure you have space for everything you’re keeping, and then you just need to find homes for it.


However, there’s a few other factors to consider when embarking on a decluttering project. While the point of decluttering is to own less stuff, there’s still going to be things that wind up needing to be stored in the basement simply for the sake of convenience. To store all this, you’ll need to make sure you have extra space on your basement shelves or wire shelves (or any shelving that can withstand the conditions of your average basement) to keep anything you need to hang onto in the basement, even after the purging is done. This could include things you want to donate or give away, or things like seasonal decorations that you don’t need for the time being.


Just remember to not hold on to too much stuff in your basement – after all, that’s why you needed to start decluttering in the first place!

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