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It’s normally a phrase only used in music blogs, but when it comes to home decor, metal is big these days!

Many homes have turned to metal for its durability and its unique look; many metal home goods offer a design that’s a bit less ‘finished’ than certain other types of decor made from wood or plastic, while still offering the strength you need to get stuff organized.

Using metal to decorate your home carries with it the additional aesthetic benefit of being able to mix and match different types of metal, and/or different finishes of metal. To the naked eye, a lot of metals might look pretty similar, but there’s actually a lot of variation in finish, brushing, and material that can help add a pretty unique look to your home if used properly.

Mixing and matching metals can be a bit of a learning experience at first, so knowing how and where to deploy these can be the key to maximizing the look of your spaces. Let’s take a look at a few rooms, and how you can use different types of metals to add a little decor – and some storage while you’re at it!


Mixing & Matching Metal in Home Decor


Living Rooms: While most people tend to prefer a bit more of the modern wood or plastic look for living room furniture, a splash of metal here and there can make the space feel a bit more open and unique without getting cluttered.

The trick here is to keep it clean – a lot of homes from the last 30ish years tended to use metal in a bit more ‘ornate’ way to draw attention to it. That was fine in the 80s but can look a little dated now; instead, try to focus more on clean accent pieces such as metal wall shelves, door pulls, and light switches to add a pop to each room.


Bathrooms: Bathrooms can be a fun place to mix metals in, primarily because there’s a lot of metal in here already. If your bathroom has exposed metal fixtures, like pipes or parts of the shower, you can have fun mixing your tones. For example, if a lot of your pipes tend to be a little darker in color, try to find bathroom storage with a lighter, more ‘brushed’ metal tone to help them contrast. This can actually help the space feel a little less cluttered, and trust us when we say that a little more room in the bathroom is always preferable.


Kitchens: If you’re like us, your kitchen needs all the extra storage it can get, right? Luckily, with so many kitchen fixtures being available in metal tones, you can have a little fun with it. Most modern kitchens tend to go for a more muted grey or bright white, and both of those pair very well with the polished metal look of things like kitchen carts. If you’re really feeling bold, you could pair your faucet or stove hood with the same type of metal for a more cohesive look.


Entryways: Entryways are a place that tends to focus more on practicality than design, but you can actually have a lot of fun with it. By focusing on using different types of metal for things like coat hooks you can open up the space and create a more fun, ‘contrasted’ sort of look. If you have space along one of the walls, a lot of homes these days are using short wire shelving to create a ‘gallery’ of collectibles and family photos to see on your way in. These little touches can go a long way towards making your spaces feel a little more welcoming, and can make it that much nicer to come home to!


These are just a few examples, and really all it takes is a little imagination. Try using a bit more metal in your home and you might just like how it turns out!

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