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Some chores just feel too big to get started on your own – like decluttering your closet!

Clothes tend to accumulate faster than anything else in the house aside from maybe books (but don’t tell Marie Kondo!), and it can be difficult to decide what to get rid of, if you’ve even decided to get rid of any in the first place.

So maybe you’re like us, and you tend to wait to get started on certain chores until you get a sign that it’s time to finally do something about it. We’ve all been there, and it can be tough to know when the right time to declutter your closet is – that is, unless you encounter one of these five telltale signs:


Big Life Changes

No matter how much we like our current wardrobe, it’s not always going to be appropriate for what we’ve got going on. Seasons change, jobs change, sometimes you move to an area with a much different climate, sometimes you’re just not that into flannel anymore. When these come around, it’s probably a good time to open the old closet and see what you don’t need to be (or don’t want to be) wearing in the future. Don’t be afraid to donate anything that hasn’t been touched for a while or that doesn’t match your current aesthetic/dress code to make a little breathing room.


Lack of Hanger Space

One of the fastest ways to realize something needs to be done about your closet is when you no longer have space to hang things up. At this point the solution may be twofold: it is absolutely time to donate whatever you haven’t worn in forever or anything that doesn’t still fit, and then you may need to start setting up some closet systems to give yourself the space to avoid this problem in the future.


Wasted Time Looking For Stuff

How many times have you been late to work or an appointment because you couldn’t find the clothes you needed, even though you could swear they were hanging up right in your closet the last time you saw them? It’s okay, we’ve all been there, but if it happens too often it’s probably a sign there’s too much stuff in your closet getting in the way of the stuff you need. Purge what you haven’t worn in forever, and if you have the space, devote some closet wire shelving to the stuff you need most often (work clothes, favorite coats, etc).


Piles of Clothes Throughout the Room

We’ve all seen the memes about how nobody does laundry and puts it away on the same day, and if that happens every once in a while, it usually isn’t a problem. That said, if this is a constant problem, with piles of your clothes gathered up all over the room and on the floor, it’s probably a sign you don’t have enough space for the stuff you’re actually wearing. Declutter your closet, maybe get a new bedroom dresser to hold onto the excess clothes, and make sure your clothes piles can find a home.


Feeling Stressed or Blue

There’s been a lot of studies on how a cluttered house can lead to greater feelings of anxiety and depression without you even realizing it. If you’ve been dreading the idea of coming home or trying to do chores, that feeling of being overwhelmed can actually be related to the amount of stuff you have around you. Take some time to clean out your closet, donate anything you haven’t worn in forever, and try to reduce the amount of visual clutter that excess clothing can cause – especially in the bedroom!

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