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how to organize common items


No matter how minimalist you like to think you live, there’s some things you just can’t avoid keeping in your home.

Cooking supplies, clothing, and the like – everyone owns something, and that means everything has to find a home!

Read on to find our favorite organization tips for the five things everyone has in their home, and maybe it won’t be quite as much of a mess next time:


Organization Tips for Common House Clutter


Food Containers

No matter what your diet, or your preferred cooking method, everyone winds up with leftovers sometimes – which means everyone needs a place to keep them! If your kitchen cabinets are overrun with plastic lids and containers, there’s a few easy ways to reorganize them. Use over the door storage to tidy up your cabinets and make everything easier to find, stacking the rest up as needed.



Whether you have school-aged children, need a laptop bag for work, or just like a backpack around for venturing out of the house, we all wind up with a few extra bookbags as time goes on. While our older ones could always be donated or given away, the ones we want to keep are best kept on extra entryway coat racks to keep them off the floor and out of the way.


Sweaters & Seasonal Clothing

Even if you don’t consider yourself a real clotheshorse, it’s easy to wind up with clothing that can’t exactly be worn all year. (Especially if you live somewhere like we do here in Michigan, where it isn’t exactly temperate for most of the year!) Take your heavier sweaters, fold them as nicely as possible, and set them inside closet storage caddies that can be kept on the floor of your closet to save room on your closet hanger rail. Things like coats and snowsuits could be kept in the closet on your closet rail, or in the entryway long-term if you have the space.


Extra Charger Cables

Seems like everything we buy comes with some new USB cord to charge it up with, right? Those are going to pile up after not too long, and it’s good to have a home for them. If you have a home office, many desk organizers are the perfect size to hold onto your bundled-up cables and tuck them away where you’ll remember to grab them. Otherwise, try to designate a drawer somewhere in the kitchen or in your favorite end table to safely wrap them all up, and make sure you can grab one the next time your game controller batteries start to run dry.


Important Paperwork

No matter how much of our lives are online these days, there’s always a ton of documentation that needs to be safely stored at home. The best way to do this is to dedicate a specific filing cabinet for stuff like birth certificates and tax paperwork. Every once in a while, remember to go through it so it doesn’t start to overflow – it’s good to be careful, but we promise you won’t always need everything in there.

Hopefully these tips can help you conquer some of the more common house clutter, and get your spaces a little more organized!

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