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A new year means new home decor trends – and open shelving is one of the biggest ones to look forward to.

Over time, many rooms of the home have been trending towards a more ‘open’ look. This has particularly applied to the kitchen, as many homes have moved away from the typical ‘closed cabinet’ look, but it could apply just as well to spaces like the living room, entryway, or even the bathroom.

The thinking behind these looks is that it creates a less ‘closed’ feeling. Even in rooms where you have a lot of stuff you need to keep on the shelves, the presence of open shelves can lend these rooms a much more light and airy feel than they would if they were lined with closed-off cabinets or blocky pantries.

Sounds good? It might be easier than you think.


How to Use Open Shelving In Your Home


The nice thing about open shelving is that you’re really not sacrificing any real estate when it comes to storage or organization.

By using home wall shelving to replace your cabinets, you can keep just as much storage space as you had before, but with an all-new and refreshed look. As useful as cabinets can be, keeping too many of them in a small space such as the kitchen or the bathroom can start to make everything feel sort of cramped, due to the sheer amount of space they can take up. Open shelving can give you better access to everything you were storing in your cabinets, while cutting down on the visual clutter.


The use of floating shelves in areas where no cabinets existed previously can be equally helpful. Even outside of the kitchen, areas like basements and garages will likely have some wall space that could come in handy if given extra storage, and wall shelves are an easy, durable, and low-maintenance way to add these storage options.


Don’t think these shelves have to be purely practical, either – it’s easy to have fun with open shelves if you use them to show off the right stuff! A lot of us these days are decorating our kitchens with fancy mugs, elaborate clay pottery and cookware, and expensive tea kettles. Why not set up some wall shelves to show them off, instead of keeping them locked behind a heavy wooden cabinet door?


Whatever room you use them in, open shelves just might be the best way to refresh your home’s look in 2021 – or at least the most practical!

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