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Finding storage space in the dining room can be an unending struggle at times, can’t it?

Sometimes if you’re trying to reorganize and tidy up your dining room you can find yourself running out of options. Dining room storage furniture is always helpful, but there’s only so much space to go around in the average dining room or kitchen and you might need to think a little more creatively to get things working.


That’s where floating shelves can come in! A type of wall-mounted shelf that appears to ‘float’ due to the low-impact design of the mounting hardware, floating shelves have long been a popular choice in many homes due to their ease of installation and stable storage.

You might already see where this is going, but there’s a lot of options for floating shelves to help boost the storage capacity and options for organization in out-of-the-way areas. For example…


Dish storage: By hanging some floating shelves up over the sink, you can get a new place to store dishes and drinkware without the bulk or inconvenience of installing cabinets. Use these open shelves for the dishes and cups you use most often, and save your cabinets and China hutches for the real fancy stuff.


Extra pantry storage: Is your pantry filled to the brim with cereals and canned goods? By setting up floating shelves in a corner of the dining room, you can get easy access to things like ingredients and snacks without having to cram one more thing in your poor pantry. (Using pantry organizers out on these shelves would be a good way to help maximize the reduced space you’re working with.)


Cookbook access: It can be hard to stash cookbooks in the actual kitchen without running the risk of them getting ruined, but floating shelves may be the answer. Set up some floating shelves in an area far from the oven (and ideally not facing direct sunlight) to serve as a new bookshelf for your favorite recipes!


Decorations: Whether you still have centerpieces for your dining room or you just want a place to show off a few vintage vases and china plates, floating shelves could be the answer. Hang one right above the dining room table to show off any display pieces you may have, and keep holiday decorations off the table until the appropriate time comes.

Have you used floating shelves to organize a dining room? Drop a comment below!

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