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Whether you work from home or just want a quiet space to focus and concentrate on your various projects, a lot of people consider setting up a home office.

The useful-ness and practicality of having a space in your house to keep your computer, organize paperwork, and the like is a benefit to most people whether or not you’re actually “working” or just getting stuff done (while idly browsing Facebook and Pinterest, of course).

However, the question tends to linger in people’s minds—where am I going to put my home office?


Most of us aren’t lucky enough to have a spare room to devote entirely to a home office, especially if you’re already using it for a guest bedroom or storage for your exercise bike.

All is not lost, however! We’ve got three ideas for rooms you can use as home offices, and how to make them work even amongst everything else you might already have in your office:


Living Room

Almost every living room, no matter how crowded, will have spaces that are just perfect for a home office desk. For example, if your couch is in the middle of the room facing the TV, then the space immediately behind it could be perfect for a thin desk and office chair if all you want is a space for using your laptop or filling out paperwork (which some people still have a lot of, despite the internet making everything easier on us).

If you need a little more space to work than that, you might be able to get creative. End tables that you’re not using can easily be moved to the corner and turned into a work desk, or you could go the other way and make a mobile printer cart serve double duty as a workstation and a place to keep drinks and books on when not in use! So long as you have the room to spare, you can use your imagination to help find the perfect spot for an ‘office’ in your living room.



Of course, issues of privacy may be a concern, especially if you’ve got little ones underfoot. In that case, why not apply this same thinking to an unused corner of your bedroom? Take a nightstand you’re not using, slide it away from the bed (to make sure it doesn’t clutter up your sleeping space) and plop a chair in front of it for an easy place to give yourself focus and working room. If you don’t have enough room for another nightstand, try hanging some wood wall shelves on an opposite wall to give yourself flat space to work, read, and think.


Empty closet space

But maybe those last two aren’t an option, or you don’t want to take up that much room in another part of the house. Most modern computer desks, even if you’re running a full setup with a tower and a monitor, can easily fit inside an unused closet. This has the added benefit of being able to be shut off from the outside world when you’re done working, and can help give you a place with fewer distractions than you might encounter elsewhere in the house. Even if you’re trying to keep that guest room a guest room, if nobody’s staying over you should have plenty of closet space to store a computer and some notebooks to get things done faster.


Have you set up a home office in your home anywhere? Drop a comment below!

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