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The rise of Airbnb has led to a lot more people having…overnight company than ever before.

And while it’s one thing to set up the perfect Airbnb in your home, it’s another issue altogether to make sure there’s enough room for your guests and their stuff without getting too far into the weeds with remodeling and redecorating.

The truth of the matter is that Airbnb or vacation rental spaces tend to be the smaller rooms in our houses (which is generally why they’re unused), and maximizing your available space within can help make things easier on both you and your guest, as well as helping you get those sweet, sweet 5-star ratings at the end of their stay.

Read on for a few easy ways to get more room out of your Airbnb or vacation rental:


Even the littlest shelves can go a long way

Unless you’ve got one of those fancy apartment-sized Airbnbs in Brooklyn you’re always reading about, your Airbnb is probably a little hard up for floor space. In cases like this, strategic placement of wall shelves can help maximize your storage space without cluttering the floor with more dressers or bookcases. Put a few at bed-height to serve as nightstands that still have floor space underneath to let people keep luggage or other goods, and line the walls strategically (and not too high up) to let them stash their goods around the room in an easy-to-get to way.


Skip the closet

In most Airbnbs, a closet can actually just get in the way. Instead of trying to get your guests to use one, or forcing your Airbnb into a room where the closet takes up too much space, try replacing them with clothes ladders or bedroom dressers in another room to help keep the bedroom clutter-free. If you absolutely have to use a room with a closet for an Airbnb, the space right in front of the door is a good space for standing wood shelves to provide storage and discourage visitors from using the closet.


Decorate minimally

If you want to decorate the room at all, try to keep everything practical. Instead of a large art installation, set up a bedroom vanity or end table that your guests can use to organize their goods and declutter the room. Try to avoid leaving any of your own odds and ends on usable surfaces, and if you do want to decorate stick to a few tasteful wall installations like mirrors and paintings.


Let the space dictate what you use

Finally, you should remember to be flexible and do what the room requires, not vice versa. Too many tables in a small room can make things feel cramped, going too minimalist in large rooms can make things spread out and inconvenient, and so on. Let the shape and size of your room guide you, and trust your gut. If you start to feel like there’s too much going on, there probably is.

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