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decorate black and white bedroom


Once considered a little too bold for most houses, stark black-and-white decorations have been growing in popularity in recent times and is on track to be one of the most popular interior color trends for 2020.

While it isn’t difficult to find home goods in these colors, a lot of people aren’t sure where to start with their decor, or they worry about going too far in one direction and overpowering the rest of their home with color choices.

And above all that – how are you supposed to keep things tidy while exploring your new decorating style? Luckily, we’ve got a few tips for just the occasion!


Start with the walls

A lot of homes, particularly in rental properties or anything built more recently, will have an abundance of white wall space. While a lot of wall decorations like picture frames or shelves tend to lean towards white or other neutral tones, you can go a long way in your decorating by adding black decor to a white backdrop. Replace your picture frames with striking black ones in various shapes and sizes, and add black wall shelving wherever you have a white wall with the space to spare to help organize and decorate all at once.


Add black touches where able

Even if you already have a lot of decor and furniture, a splash of stark black furniture will go a long way towards creating more drastic color shifts throughout your home. A standard rule in decorating says “every room can use a touch of black”, and even if you use lighter colors like pastels or neutral shades, adding a few black items like furniture, black wire shelves, or even black flooring tiles to create a sense of drama with your design.


Focus on a few rooms

Even if you like a black-and-white color scheme, you don’t need to go whole hog and decorate every room in your home like this, especially if you’re still trying to figure out if you like it and how to make it work best. With a black and white design, it may be best to start in high-traffic but low-impact areas like the kitchen or the bathroom, where you can accent them better with kitchen storage and bathroom storage options made out of materials like brass and metal to help accent the new colors better.


Don’t ignore other colors

We know what you’re thinking – “but haven’t you been telling me to decorate with black and white this whole time?” While black and white is a fantastic and viable decor option, it’s entirely possible to overdo it and create a pretty headache-inducing effect. Think of colors that pair well with both of your primary tones and use them to create a more drastic effect that’s pleasing to the eye, such as yellow, red, purple, or even camel for an offset look.

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