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Whether you’re an at-home woodworker, a painter, a sculptor, or just someone who likes to try and fix things themselves, a lot of homes have a workbench these days.

And as anyone who’s used one can tell you, workbenches can get pretty cluttered pretty fast. There’s all sorts of tools to be safely put away, there’s projects in various states of completion that have to go somewhere, and there’s a lot of various supplies and necessities (well…most of them) that go into any kind of crafting project or repair work.

It can all be pretty overwhelming if you’re not careful, but with a little planning and imagination you can keep your workbench organized, and get everything stored away where you need it to be. Here’s our four favorite ideas for workbench storage, and how they can help you stay organized and get more done:


Use the wall: By design, the majority of workbenches sit flush against a back wall in whatever room or garage they’re in. This wall can become prime storage space for tools and other needed workbench supplies if you know how to use it. A lot of garage storage solutions like tool racks and garage hanging rails can work very well on the wall space behind a workbench, storing larger supplies like tools to help keep the bench itself clutter-free.


…and the floor underneath: After the wall, the other most neglected storage area near a workbench is the floor space directly underneath the bench. Most workbenches sit up high enough that storage tools can be easily placed underneath the workbench, such as low-profile 2 shelf wire shelves to more easily organize the tools and equipment you reach for most often.


Bin it all together: Everyone who’s used a workbench at home knows how many smaller tools and supplies, like nails and bolts, can get lost or misplaced due to their size. By lining your available shelves with plastic storage bins you can cut down on clutter and standardize the size of your current storage to help keep things in line.


Throw out everything you don’t need: We know the temptation will be there to hoard various nuts, bolts, and even tools you haven’t touched in forever just in case you need it! This is one of the leading contributors to workbench clutter, however, and while the solution might not be easy it is a simple one—take inventory of what you keep on your workbench and get ready to throw something away if you haven’t used it in a while. The next time you sit down at your workbench and don’t have to dig through a million obscure screwdriver heads to find the one you actually need, you’ll thank yourself.

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