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Pedestal sinks are a timeless look that can appear in even the most modern bathroom designs – but they can leave you without crucial bathroom storage!

The design of pedestal sinks allows for a more streamlined and clutter-free look, but by eschewing the typical sink cabinet for a more classic appearance, you lose a lot of storage potential in your bathroom that would’ve been provided by that cabinet. Given how much stuff tends to be stored in the bathroom, losing that space can cause a lot of hassles elsewhere, but don’t fret! We’ve got four of our favorite ideas for adding storage to bathrooms with a pedestal sink:


Use the space right around the sink:

The upside of pedestal sinks is that they free up a lot of potential floor space in the bathroom, allowing for you to add your own storage in the space around the sink. Take advantage of this space by adding standing bathroom shelves and stacking plastic bins to store the things you normally would’ve kept under the sink, like makeup and toiletries, with the added advantage of being able to find everything more quickly in an open space!


Separate your essentials:

Even among the stuff you’re already keeping near the sink, there’s always going to be the daily essentials like deodorant and soap that you’ll need access to more quickly. Take these items and place them in a jar or a small decorative container aside from the shelves and containers you’re already using for bathroom storage so you can get to them even more quickly in the morning.


Hang shelves where you can:

If your sink has wall space, either behind or to the side, then some wall shelves could be an excellent way to create storage space for the things you reach for more often. Find a look that matches your bathroom decor, like glass wall shelves or wood wall shelves and mount them on the closest adjacent wall for extra-convenient storage of whatever you need in there.


Look behind the shelf:

Unless your pedestal sink sits totally flush with the wall, there should be a little bit of space for you to hide some of your, er, less flattering bathroom essentials. Use this area for things like plungers, toilet brushes, and that pesky scale that never quite seems accurate. This will keep them close at hand without putting them right into view!

With these tips, you should be able to keep your bathroom just as organized as you would if you had a whole cabinet under the sink!

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