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Storage ladders are a mainstay of homes, especially these days when people are looking for more aesthetically pleasing ways to get things organized around the house.

But while most people think of them just as storage for clothes or bigger items in the basement, storage ladders are actually becoming a common sight in the bedroom! Especially in smaller rooms that need to make the most of their floor space, storage ladders are a new way to add table space and storage room in bedrooms of any size or shape.

Here’s a few of our favorite ideas for ladders in the bedroom:


  • Extra sheets/blankets: One of the easiest ways to use a ladder is to hang bedsheets and blankets over them when not in use on the bed. This is a good way to store out-of-season linens without taking up a ton of space in your dresser, or letting them get musty in an attic or basement.
  • Clothes storage: While a storage ladder can’t offer the same amount of sheer space that something like bedroom dressers can, they still allow you to get clothes organized and close at hand. If you’ve got a ladder in your bedroom, it can become an easy way to organize tomorrow’s clothes without risk of wrinkles or pet hair before you have to get ready for work, or just to see what the day holds.
  • Potted plants: Most ladders with rounded steps are a great way to hang potted plants in a more open way that helps them get sunlight all over without cluttering up the rest of the room. Hang a few of your favorite houseplants from a ladder and never worry about stretching to reach them!
  • Replacement nightstand: If your storage ladders have more flat steps, you can easily turn them into a nightstand that takes up less space. Use the edges to hold your phone, your glasses, and more while still freeing up space below the nightstand to store shoes, bags, and so on.
  • Smaller bookshelves: Similarly, flat ladders can be used to keep all your books on display and right within reach for some bedtime reading. (You might want to keep whatever you’re currently reading right on top—nothing is worse than getting distracted in the middle of another book!)


Have you used ladders to decorate or organize your bedroom? Drop a comment and tell us how it went!

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