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ideas for using wooden brackets at home


Wooden shelf brackets can be a lot more versatile than you might expect.

While the name would indicate they’re only used for, well…holding up your shelves, they can actually find themselves fulfilling a lot more roles than simply supporting your wall shelves. From decorative uses to something more practical, these brackets are going to quickly find themselves a lot busier than they used to be:


Decorating & Organizing with Wooden Shelf Brackets


Decorative bookends

One of the cutest ways we’ve seen to use wooden shelf brackets is to turn them into bookends! Clear a little space on your favorite bookshelves, line some rustic-looking wooden brackets along each end, and set your favorite books up between them. It’ll help keep your shelves more organized, AND add a little fresher look to your old bookcases!


Ending wall backsplashes

Backsplashes are all the rage in a lot of homes right now, particularly in the kitchen. However, a lot of backsplashes tend to just…come to a stop, terminating somewhere under a shelf or around a corner. By using the right colored wooden wall bracket, you could create an end to the backsplashes in your kitchen, dining room, or bathroom in a way that matches the look of the cabinets above it.


Holding up closet rods

Closet hanging rods are always handy, but if your closet is set up in a way where you can see the end of these rods, they can look a little…bare. By using wooden shelf brackets at the ends of each rod, you can create a more decorative look and hide the parts of the rod that are perhaps a little less pleasing to the eye – or at least, less nice than the clothes you hang up on them!


Doorway frames

Have you ever looked at a doorway and thought it was a little…lacking? But you just weren’t sure what it needed? A few well-placed wooden wall brackets may be just the thing. Depending on the height and shape of your doorway, you could frame the top of them with brackets, or use them just on the outside to create a ledge that draws the eye as people enter the room!


Desk edges

Finally, if you’ve got a home office desk that you’re getting tired of looking at (which is all the more likely these days!), then some brackets might just be the trick. Paint or stain some wooden brackets in the same color as your desk, and then line them on the edges of your desk to break up the look a bit!

These are just a few examples, but if you have more brackets than you have shelves, all you need to do is use your imagination to find them a new home.

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