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create gallery wall in home


If you’re the sort that has a lot of stuff to display, it can be hard to know just how to display it all.

Collectibles, tacky souvenirs from vacation, treasured (or embarrassing) family photos – whatever you want to show off, there’s a ton of options to do so. And it can be hard to know what to go with!

One solution that a lot of homes have been turning to lately is the gallery wall! Gallery walls are any wall that has enough space to show off whatever it is you want to display, from that autographed record you forgot you had to some antiques you found at grandpa’s house forever ago. By creating a specific gallery wall for these pieces, you can both show them off a little better, and free up space elsewhere in the house for the stuff that’s maybe not as fun, but still needs room to go somewhere.


Gallery Wall Ideas


Honestly, it’s not hard to create a gallery wall so long as you have the space to spare, and the stuff to show off!

That should probably be the first step – deciding what, exactly, you want to show off on a gallery wall. While the name “gallery wall” might make you think you can only hang up framed art or photographs, the truth is actually a lot more versatile than that. People use gallery walls to show off nearly anything they want displayed! Rare toys from your childhood, those antique cameras you can’t stop buying, maybe just a bunch of goofy junk from a local thrift store – anything you want to display is fair game.


The next step, after deciding what your display goals are, is to figure out where they can all fit. The key behind a good gallery wall is…well, a wall. It should, ideally, be somewhere pretty prominent – bare wall space in your living room, perhaps, or a wall in the entryway that’s not already covered in jackets and backpacks. After all, the point of a gallery wall is to show your stuff off, is it not?

All you have to do now is figure out how to best show off your stuff. If you’re not dealing strictly with framed art, you should probably invest in some wall shelves. These are a great way to show off nearly anything you want to prop up on your gallery wall, and depending on what kind of matching/contrasting look you want to go for, you could consider using metal wall shelves, wood wall shelves, or glass wall shelves to help your new display pop a little bit more.


For larger items, you might want to consider avoiding mounting it on the wall, in case it’s too heavy and could lead to damage. In cases like this, short wire shelves could be a perfect solution for displaying your favorite collections in a way that can prevent them from falling. Depending on what else you want to display, bookcases are a pretty versatile option here too.

Really, there’s no hard-and-fast rules as to how gallery walls could work in your home, so long as you have the space to show off whatever you’re most proud of – or, in the case of that thrift store junk we mentioned, whatever you think is funny enough to show off to company!

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