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combination dining room kitchen organization


Organizing dining rooms can be tough. Organizing kitchens can be tougher.

Trying to organize them both at once? Oh boy.

The combination kitchen-dining room is a common sight in many modern homes, due to a variety of factors. Many modern homes turned to this design to save space, streamline the design, and make it easier to prepare and serve meals – but they didn’t think about just how hard it would be to get organized.

Kitchens are already one of the most cluttered spaces in the house, what with everything you need to store in there, but when you add a dining room to the mix it can start to pile up.

Sounding a little familiar? Here’s a few of our favorite tips for organizing a dining room-kitchen combo!


How to Organize Your Kitchen-Dining Room


Focus on open shelving

If your kitchen is connected to your dining room, you’re already dealing with a lack of wall space. Wherever possible, try to use open shelving like wall shelves to organize things like dishes, serving utensils, and cookware to keep everything easier to access. By using shelves like wood wall shelves or metal wall shelves, you can increase accessibility to your stuff and avoid everything feeling cramped.


Storage that can move

One of the trickiest parts of combining a kitchen and dining room is moving things between them – carrying plates of food, bringing serving dishes to and from the table, and the like. In a lot of these situations, bar carts and bakers racks can help with both mobile storage and serving purposes, while still being able to be relocated to anywhere in the kitchen you need them.


Flexible seating

Part of the problem with combination dining room-kitchens is the need for seating at the table. A lot of homes have turned to repurposed benches, such as entryway benches, that can offer dining table-style seating combined with extra storage for everything that tends to pile up in the kitchen.


Combined surfaces

One of the biggest steps in organizing a kitchen/dining room is to remember that everything needs to perform a few different jobs. Countertops can work as tables or breakfast nooks, kitchen carts can be used for both preparing and serving, and anything you bring in there will need to be able to perform double duty.

It might be hard to resist the temptation to load your kitchen up with a bunch of appliances and utensils, but if you remember to make the most of the space, you’ll be just fine!

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