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Blame Pinterest and Instagram, blame the proliferation of ‘coffee culture’ in every restaurant and coffeeshop these days, but whatever the reason, it seems like everyone has a huge collection of coffee mugs at their house.

It’s a pretty easy collector bug to catch—they’re inexpensive, plentiful, and every thrift store you walk into is bound to have a million ironically ugly ones to catch your eye. But as with any collection, these can start to pile up if you don’t have a safe place to keep them.

Starting to sound familiar? We’ve got a few ideas that can help you make your coffee mugs feel more at home in even the most jam-packed kitchen:


Hang out: One of the most popular ways to show off your favorite coffee mugs is by hanging then up on the wall. This is a great way to store them out of the way, keep them in mind and sight, and even help them dry if you’ve got a few more delicate mugs you prefer to hand-dry. Add some wall hooks to the walls of your kitchen, or even repurpose some coat hooks if they’re the right size, to put a few of your favorites on display. This might not work for a more sizeable collection, but it’s a fun way to highlight the ones you use most.


Set up a pegboard: Similarly, if you want to hang up more of your collection and you have the free wall space, a pegboard might be the way to go. Get a pegboard from a hardware store and line it with garage hooks (for better support and durability) to show off your collection in an organized but easy-to-get-to way.


Shelf it: One of the big problems with excess coffee mugs is how hard they are to keep in a cupboard—unless you somehow don’t have any plates or other drinking glasses, it can be hard to keep them all together. If you have the wall space and you’re feeling a little industrious, you might want to set up some floating shelves to keep your mugs away from the other dishware you need to store. These can help you see them more easily so you can pick your favorites in the morning even faster.


Free-standers: If you don’t have the room to add a whole new shelf, then you might be able to get some more life out of your current cabinets. Add some pantry organizers to create more shelf space on your current pantry shelves and stock a few mugs up there to keep them accessible without taking space away from anything else you need to store.


Cart away: If you’re the sort that likes to have coffee more than once in the day, you might want to consider setting up a kitchen cart for all your coffee supplies. Keep your mugs organized alongside a coffee maker and a few flavoring options for easy access and mobility you wouldn’t get by keeping it on a stationary shelf.


If you have a lot of coffee mugs to organize, the important thing is that you use your imagination, and always make sure they’re kept somewhere accessible—otherwise, what’s the point of even having all those mugs?

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