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Out of everything that needs to be put away in the kitchen, the amount of silverware that tends to amass can be one of the biggest obstacles.

Silverware is a unique beast. On its own, one solitary fork or knife isn’t very big or very hard to get organized until they start to pile up over time. The typical solution to this problem is to use a silverware drawer—but what do you do if you don’t have enough drawers?

The lack of drawer space is a pretty common problem in many modern homes, as well as rental properties like apartments and condos, and can cause a lot of long-term storage problems in the kitchen if you don’t have room to put everything away.

Silverware tends to be the biggest victim of this lack of space, as well as one of the biggest causes of kitchen clutter, and it can be hard to figure out what to do with it all if you don’t have a drawer that can help. If this is a problem you’ve been facing lately, here’s a couple tips we’ve found to help manage your silverware:


Counter storage: If your silverware doesn’t have a drawer to go into, the top of the counter can be your best bet. Get a desktop storage box, Mason jar, or even desk organizers like pencil holders to keep your silverware right on top of the counter within easy reach. (Just don’t let them sit too close to the oven—this way they won’t get too hot and pose a burn hazard.)


Layer your trays: If you have drawers in your kitchen that don’t quite have enough room for a standalone silverware tray or utensil holder, you may be able to make some space by stacking vertically. Many silverware trays or cabinet organizers can stack one on top of the other, creating more layered storage that can lay flat enough to fit in a standard drawer and help stay organized.


Wall baskets: Wall-mounted baskets, like the kind you usually use for garage storage, are a great solution for quick access to the sort of silverware you use every day. Hang a few on a nearby wall (one for forks, one for knives, and one for spoons) and you’ll get a quick way to access them and be able to keep an eye out for how many you have remaining. (If you have any little ones, you might want to put these up high enough where nobody can get hurt reaching for a fork they shouldn’t be reaching for.)


Under cabinet baskets: Similarly, if you have space on a shelf in your cabinets, you can use cabinet baskets to store silverware until it’s needed. Hang a basket off the bottom of your cabinet and line up silverware to keep them off the cabinet shelves themselves.


Make a caddy: If you’re the industrious type, you could try making your own storage caddy out of a plastic storage bin. Add a handle and some lining on the inside to create easy transportation for silverware to take them right to the dining room table, or even outside for a picnic in the yard.

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