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bakers rack storage organization


Baker’s racks are handy for getting any kitchen organized – but once you’ve got your baker’s rack, what exactly should you do with it?

We all know how much stuff is in the average kitchen. And that’s not a bad thing, it’s just easy to wind up with a lot of cookware and appliances without much of a home! While the baker’s rack can come in handy for getting these items under control, knowing exactly what – and how much – you should keep on there can make the process that much easier.

Baker’s racks are at their best when they’re either storing smaller items you use all the time, or larger cooking tools that might not have a convenient home elsewhere – but not both! Weight is always a consideration when loading up a baker’s rack, as is space concerns, so you’ll want to stick with the plan as time goes by.


For example, let’s say you’re using it to store servingware like glasses, serving bowls and punchbowls. In cases like this, the best use of the space would be to hang things like mugs from the hooks up top, keep larger servingware down below (near the wine rack, if one was included with your baker’s rack), and turn the center into a flat surface with a butcher block top for either storage or workspace.


Heavier items, or more irregularly-shaped kitchen goods (let’s face it, most of them are) that go on a baker’s rack just require a little forethought and planning. The heaviest stuff – air fryers, gigantic pans/woks, etc – should go all the way on the bottom. This will free up space elsewhere, as well as prevent any potential accidents with the rack tipping over. For smaller things like those oddly-long spoons and spatulas everyone winds up with, try to keep some plastic storage bins to organize the smaller stuff that every kitchen winds up with.


Whatever you do with your baker’s rack, always try to remember to stick to the plan. It might be tempting to just start tossing stuff on there and forgetting about it, but that’s going to make a bigger mess than it solves – and at that point, your kitchen is going to need a lot more help!

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