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Green epoxy wire shelving is a handy and durable way to organize your life – but not enough people think of it as an option for their homes.

Generally thought of as the sort of storage that a restaurant or grocery store would need, epoxy shelves are handy and flexible enough to warrant use in a number of ways in the home, from decorative purposes to more practical needs.

Here’s a few of our favorite examples of uses for decorating and organizing with green wire shelving in your home:


Green Epoxy Shelves for Decor and Organization


Out in the garage

Let’s face it, most of us don’t have a finished, heated garage that’s impervious to the elements – mostly it’s just a place for boxes and sodas we haven’t moved to the fridge yet. As a result, green epoxy shelving is perfect for those less-climate areas of the house, as they can stand up to the temperature and moisture a little better than a lot of other options. Pair some green epoxy shelves with your garage shelving and your garage might be a little less cluttered than it used to be!


Down in the basement

Similarly, green epoxy shelves are perfect for basements. Even in a finished basement, there’s always a small risk of moisture from various sources, and epoxy shelves can resist the rain and keep your stuff safer.


Decorating – and organizing – the kitchen

This is one of the more fun examples. For a lot of modern homes, the multi-colored look is huge in kitchens these days, and green shelves are a great way to add a pop of color anywhere in your kitchen you want one. Above and beyond decorative needs, green shelves can also be helpful in preventing any food or cookware you keep on it from being harmed by rust or mildew.


Extended pantry space

Speaking of food, green epoxy shelves are great for long-term storage of canned goods, dry goods, and other foods that might go into your pantry instead. If you have a temperature-controlled space to place your shelves, you can start keeping a lot of food that would normally go in a pantry out there instead and keep them just as fresh – and easier to get to! (This goes double for homes with no pantry space, as you can use these to get more food storage than you had before.)

These are only a few ideas we’ve seen – but hopefully you find yourself inspired to start using epoxy shelves throughout your home!

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