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uses for ledges in the home


When you think about ‘ledges’ in your home, what do you think about? A thin windowsill? The small molding running around the length of your kitchen ceiling?

While these are all true, you can use the ledges in your home for a lot more. These ledges can easily become shelves for display or organization, in a way that doesn’t take as much away from the floor space or layout of the room as larger cabinets or shelving would. This can make them an ideal storage solution for rooms that might not have a lot of space to work with, or anywhere that using bigger storage would get in the way of your sense of decor!


Using Ledges For Home Storage


Entryway storage

Using ledges in your foyer is a great way to create a ‘landing pad’ for the things you need to grab every day, like keys, backpacks, or purses. Use wood wall shelves placed at about waist-high (or directly underneath the front window, if you have one) to help everyone remember what they need to grab on their way out the door.


Bedroom nightstands

Some bedrooms just don’t have the space for an old-fashioned night stand, for whatever reason, and they need to get a little clever about their alternatives. A great way to fit a nightstand into your bedroom is to use a floating shelf adjacent to the bed, to help you put your phone and glasses somewhere when it’s time for bed.


Extra kitchen storage

No matter how much kitchen organization furniture you already have, the kitchen is the first room in many houses that starts to feel like it’s running out of space. By using wall shelves to create ledges around the length of your kitchen – like just above the sink, or on a wall without shelves near the fridge to add more pantry space. (These can come in extra handy if you use pantry organizers to help keep everything tidy!)


Side tables in open rooms

Particularly for modern homes with a more open floor plan, it can be hard to bring storage into a room without disrupting the ‘flow’ of one room to another and creating a traffic hazard. Ledges along the walls can create an easy solution for this – by using wall shelves to create ledges along the outside walls, you can add more storage in a way that won’t disrupt the path between rooms!

Whatever you use ledges for, we think you’ll agree that they can do an awful lot for the storage in your home.

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