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vertical silverware storage


It’s funny how much space silverware can take up, isn’t it?

On their own, things like forks and spoons aren’t that big, but as soon as they pile up…well, there goes an entire drawer. And there were probably other things you wanted to keep in that drawer, too!

That’s why we present to you an idea we love: vertical silverware storage!


Storing Silverware Vertically


The idea of storing silverware vertically is exactly what it sounds like – spoons, forks, knives, and cooking utensils stored standing up instead of lying down the way they would in a drawer. Depending on what you use to store and organize them, this can free up a lot of space in a drawer that you may need for something else, and give you a new way to access that spatula you need while cooking!


Vertical silverware storage can take several forms, including:

  • Countertop storage: By using carefully-placed silverware holders on your countertop, you can keep your silverware pointed upwards and safely stored out of the way of anything else you need to reach while cooking!
  • Repurposed home storage: A lot of home storage is already the perfect size and shape to stash silverware for you. If you have a makeup toolbox or jewelry holders you’re not using, you could turn those into a makeshift knife/fork holder for the center of the dining room table!
  • Lean them over a door: Larger utensils, like mixing spoons and whisks, can be kept inside pantry doors or cupboards using over-the-door storage baskets. This tends to work best with larger silverware or utensils, as the smaller stuff can get lost inside the baskets, but is otherwise a great way to hang onto the bigger stuff you need when baking or cooking.
  • Inside the drawer…but vertical: We know the point was to free up space in your drawers, but if you don’t have the room elsewhere, your deeper drawers can be converted to vertical storage space for silverware! Use shelf dividers to create little ‘boxes’ that your silverware can stand upright in, and then stand each of them up in groups to help create space and make them easier to grab!


These are just a few of our favorite ideas – and whatever you use, we’ll think you’ll be happy with the space it frees up!

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