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For most people, the phrase “utility carts” conjures up images of a big industrial trolley from the hardware store, or maybe the thing the school janitor used to push around.

While those are both technically correct, utility carts can actually be a lot more helpful around the house than you might think! Particularly if you enjoy a more ‘industrial’ look, utility carts are an easy way to store needed household items in a way that keeps them more mobile and easy to access.

Whether you’re working, entertaining, or just living, here’s a few of our favorite ways to use utility carts in your house:


At-Home Uses for Utility Carts


Coffee maker storage

We all have our perfected morning rituals, and few things can get your day off to a worse start than not being able to find your favorite coffee supplies. Set up a wire utility cart in your kitchen to help organize your coffee maker, your favorite grounds, and even a few of your favorite mugs to help serve coffee wherever the need should strike you.


Kid’s (and adult’s) craft supplies

Sure, we’ve all seen the tips on Pinterest, but not all of us are lucky enough to have a house with a whole separate crafting room. If you or your kids are the sort to do arts and crafts, a rolling utility cart can be a great way to keep all your supplies together! Organize each tier of the cart by different craft types – fabric here, paper there – and use plastic storage bins to help give the smaller things a home.


Replacement bar cart

Whether you’re the sort who loves to entertain company, or just needs a place to hang onto all your favorite mixers, a utility cart can serve as an excellent serving cart in a pinch! Get some wire shelf liners to create a more solid surface on the cart, and stack up your favorite drinks, mixers, and wine glasses in a way that can be easily rolled over to wherever the party is.


Rolling towel storage

One of the fastest ways to ruin a perfectly good shower is to not have a clean towel right nearby when you’re done! If you need an easier way to get to your towels – or if you’re just running out of space in your bathroom closet – then a utility cart can keep them right at hand while allowing you to move it out of the way when not needed.


Cleaning supplies

Everyone needs to clean house a little sometimes – but the irony is that you often make a bigger mess when you need to put all your cleaning supplies away! Wire carts are a great way to store things like sprays, soaps, and chemicals that might be a little too dangerous to just leave lying around, but need to be somewhere safer than they are now.

Wherever you put them, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how many uses you can find for wire carts around the home!

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