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lockers in living room


Home lockers are a pretty valuable tool for storage, organization, and the like, but not a lot of people use them in every room that they could.

Generally when people use lockers, they’re thinking about using them more in spaces that either lead to the outdoors, or somewhere that needs a lot of organization – garages, entryways, and the like. These days, though, we’ve been seeing them pop up in some pretty surprising places, including the living room!


Home Lockers for the Living Room


Lockers have become a more common sight in the living room, thanks to their size, versatility, and fun looks. The storage they offer combines with their flexible sizing and more ‘industrial’ looks to create a pretty versatile storage option for living rooms, even if you’re not expecting to see a locker there – or, perhaps, especially so.

A few examples of how to use lockers in the living room could include:


End tables with storage: For many living rooms, lockers – or specifically their smaller counterpart, mini lockers – are a great replacement for end tables. Their hard surface creates table space (especially when paired with a solid wooden shelf insert) to set down things like drinks, remotes, and phones, while you can still use the locker space underneath to organize living room stuff. Imagine how nice it’ll be to always know where the batteries for your Xbox controller are!


Toy storage: Particularly if you have younger kids that like to roam around the main floor of the house, using kids lockers in your living room can help keep their favorite toys and games close at hand. Color-coordinate each locker to each kid, and teach them to keep a few of their favorites in there to help them get to it faster during playtime – and help reduce clutter on the floor!


Sports decor: If your family is a big fan of a certain team, certain college, or both, you could use colored home team lockers as part of the decor. Imagine how much better game day will feel when you know EVERYTHING in your house is color-coordinated to your favorite team?


Media cabinet: Finally, if the normal TV stands aren’t cutting it for you, lining up some shorter lockers together creates a fun alternative to a media center! The locker space below lets you organize things like remote controls and extra HDMI cords, and the extra surface space leaves plenty of room for the cable box and modem!

These are just a few of the ways we’ve seen people using home lockers in the living room these days, and with a little imagination we bet you’ll find the perfect place for them too!

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